List Of Trophies And Why/WhoThey Are Awarded

1. Barmaid’s Choice. - The Barmaids choice of the bike she likes the best.

2. Most used Bike. - The Club Member who does the most annual mileage on a m/c of the marque.

3. Clubman of the Year. - The club member who amasses the most points during the year.(Club meeting, Runs etc.)

4. Members Trophy/Woolwich Cup. - Member who the other club members think has contributed most to the club in the past year.

5. Dennis Birch Memorial Cup. - Member voted for by the committee who they believe has done most for the club in the past year.

6. Point to Point Cup. - Self explanatory.

Awards 1,2 & 3 are usually presented every year.

Award 4, The Members trophy has only been in existence 4 years. This will be its 5th year.

Award 5, Dennis Birch Memorial Cup was last presented in 2016.

Award 6, Point to Point Cup. This event is not run anymore. Last presented 2010.

If anyone has any comments regarding trophies please contact John Bugg so as to raise them at the AGM.