Alan Brady is admin on a few FB groups, 3 of which may be of interest to our members.  The joining requirements are, that questions must be answered.   If any of our members wish to join, it would help me if they would answer that they are members of our club, this would guarantee their entry

 They are:-

'The classic motorcyclist workshop'  Private Group. Members.11,997.

Group Description and Rules.

You will be asked questions as a condition of joining, these questions help the admin to keep the group true to its purpose, workshop practices. Failure to answer them may mean refusal of your application.

This group is the brainchild of Jos van der Woude and inspired by Frank Farrington [RADCO]. The focus of the group is working on your classic motorcycle in your home workshop.

Please ask questions. There are very many skilled and experienced people in the group who are happy to share their knowledge. We all started at the beginning.

This group is not for adverts, private or commercial. We discourage links to other pages or sites and to Youtube, unless they are in direct response to a question. Post a video by all means, if you made it yourself.

All material posted should be relevant to the focus of the group. No glossy pictures of motorcycles from other pages or sites, please. Pictures of your own classic bike, with a workshop/maintenance/restoration theme are OK.

All posts or responses deemed to be offensive to others will be removed, along with the poster. Do not disparage others' work.

People who ignore the rules will be removed from the group."

'The classic motorcyclist sales department'. Private Group.  Members.5,443.


"This sub-group of the classic motorcyclist workshop is meant for sale, Exchange or donation of classic motorcycle parts, not whole bikes, without the commercial mumbo jumbo.... For the benefit of all. Location and price must be included in the post.

It is not meant for the sale of whole bikes, there are dedicated sites for that."

'AJS & Matchless parts exchange'. Private Group. Members. 3,959.


"This group exists so that private individuals can exchange or sell AJS/Matchless parts or complete AJS/Matchless motorcycles. Please make sure that all adverts have a clear price and location of seller shown. Please don't post links to Ebay or other selling sites. When you apply to join, you'll be asked a question. If you ignore the question you may not be added to the group."

Alan Alla Brady